Thursday, October 8, 2015

CD Sleeve Halloween Advent Calendar


It's like the one time of the year when you get to act like a child and have an excuse to wear fake eyelashes. Because let's be honest...mother of three, the fake eyelashes thing is not happening unless it's a special occasion. (Can I get an 'AMEN'?!) I am lucky to even put mascara on most days.

Hocus Pocus, cheeky/spooky decorating, Michael Jackson-Thriller, pumpkins and candy. Seriously, its awesome! So in the spirit of the Halloween Season and with the mission of teaching my kids to celebrate and love holidays/traditions...I decided to do an advent for the month of October.

The pictures are so self-explanatory that I feel silly doing a tutorial for it...But here you go!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Plans For My "Laundry Closet"

So I have a super duper tiny laundry room.
I like to call it a closet.
And it turns out that I have this unhealthy loathing for laundry. Like ridiculous and more than the average housewife.
So in an effort to become better and try to pretend to like it we are going to be working on our little "laundry closet" to make it more functional and beautiful. 

This is it.
Judge away. But I know I am not the only one who has a dysfunctional/ugly laundry room. ;)

It's small but its actually set up pretty decently. Just needs a little more TLC.
It was originally this ridiculously long narrow closet and we cut it in half to make a storage room and a laundry area. So it has worked out much better so far. We just need to finish it. 

So here is the awesomeness we have planned for this week.

Obviously we are going to paint the walls. The wall color is Revere Peweter by Benjamin Moore. One of my go to Greige paint colors. It works so well in dimly lit rooms (like this one) and also in rooms with lots of natural light. 

The owners didn't mind if we painted they just wanted everything to be the same color so they didn't have a hard time figuring it out after we left for touch ups and things like that. A legitimate concern and request that I am ok with.

Below we are planing on putting a dowel rod for hanging up clothes. Right now I use our pull up bar in another room and it is really annoying.

We are also going to install a ledge/shelf that will be used to fold clothes on. 
My boys are so good at destroying folded clothes as I sit on the floor and do them.
Really, its an art and they are amazing at it.
So I am hoping this helps that situation. 

As for this area...a lot it going to happen.

OBVIOUSLY, I need to weed through and organize my linens.

 I am thinking of painting the shelving a poppy color, just to make it a little more fun.
I chose Chili Pepper by BEHR Paint. A friend has her island done in this and its awesome.

Behr Paint - Chili Pepper
I went on a trip to Budapest, Hungary this time last year and I am missing it. They  have fields and fields of poppies that naturally grow everywhere.
Its breathtaking! So I thought I would use that and bring it into the space.

On the side of the dryer I am going to clean up that area and hang some hooks for my brooms and Swiffer. There is an attic dormer there so no built in or shelf can really go there.

I need to clean up and maybe get a cute baskets to go on top of my dryer to organize our home tools and odd stuff in.

I am wanting to get a piece of art to add a little something to this area to soften it up a little bit.
I am thinking some watercolor Poppy Flowers like these that I found on Etsy.


So there it is! We are pretty excited about it. At least I am, not sure about my husband. ;)
I will keep you updated.

I also have a fun art printable that I put together and will be using in my laundry area.
I am pretty excited about it and I think you guys are really going to like it. 
So check back on my blog or Facebook page to be able to download it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's Talk Succulents!

So spring is here which means flowers. For a "non-green thumb" person like myself I have to look for plants and flowers that are very resilient. Like SUCCULENTS!

I just received this crate of beauties in the mail for a wedding I am doing in a couple of weeks. I will be honest, I was nervous about ordering them off Amazon here but they turned out beautiful! I have so far kept them alive. They are my favorite thing right now.

They are ridiculously resilient plants and here are some ways to use them.


Because they don't require much water they are perfect for displays like this that hang vertical. They are so chic and modern but still has that classical edge that the succulents give it.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

Like I said I am using these in a wedding and I am so excited. They are a great way to get those cool tones into an arrangement because they are known for their beautiful blue, green and purples array of colors.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

Rosettes are my favorite and they look classy and adorable in mini pots to send home with your friends. Guests love getting things like this and there are so many ways to dress them up and make them look adorable.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

Probably my favorite way to use these is when styling a bookshelf especially in a simple tiny vase on top of some books. It adds just a little freshness that homes sometimes lack. Most of the time if you think something it missing on your bookshelf or vignette, 9 out of 10 times its a plant or floral.

1 || 2 || 3 || 4

 Below is also a little thing I found that tells you how to care for succulents. I have been following it the last few weeks to keep mine alive and it has worked out great so far.
SOURCE (I couldn't find the origional source for this so if you know please pass it along so I can appropriately link this resource)

  You can find these pretty much at any garden store and even Walmart had some last time I went there. So pick some up when you start your spring sprucing and revamp of your home.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014: A Year of Me

I hope everyone decided to make some goals this year. I know there are those of you who kinda just stop making goals after so many years of failure, after failure, after failure. But I really think that even if you make those goals and do them for only 3 months of the 12 you were planning on, it's better than not working towards them at all. Right? I married one of those types and this year I FINALLY got him to make just one personal goal, one family goal and one goal for us to work on as a couple. And so far I think things are going well. So I thought I would share with you my goals and what "theme" I decided to have for the year.

Now from the title of this post my first thought was..."gheeze! that sounds super selfish!". But before I second guessed my goals for the year I decided to explain to myself, on paper, of why I chose this.  

I have been married for almost 5 years now. About 3 months after I got married I found out I was pregnant and since then I have had two wonderful boys and had the blessing of being a Mom and Wife to my husband. I wouldn't change my "job" for anything. Seriously, I love it. I have challenging days but for the most part being home with my kids and there to take care of my husband has been the most rewarding and growing experience of my life. But... like alot of Moms and wives, I feel like I have neglected myself a little too much the last 5 years.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I think it just happens. You get so use to putting family needs in front of your own that a little bit of you just dissapears here and there. Now I am not saying I have completely let myself go but I feel like I am sort of "drawing water from an empty well." 

So...with that said I decided to focus on improving myself throughout the year by focusing on one aspect a month and then adding to it. I got the idea from a Friend of a Friend who picked 1 goal to work on a month and had 12 different goals. I thought it was such a good idea but I am going to be doing it a little different. 

To ensure that I really do them I have picked 6 areas of myself that I will work on and the second half of the year I will start them over just in case I fell off the bandwagon or neglected a couple goals along the way. So here are my goals:


JANUARY & JULY: Healthy Eating

This month I am starting with a juicing detox and then focusing on nothing but healthy eating habits and portions. Weight loss for me is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So far while doing it the last week or so I feel so much more energized (which is needed when you have two little boys) and my skin is clearing up which is also a bonus. I will keep you guys updated on the weight loss and healthy eating but so far I have been much more conscientious of not only what I eat but more of what I am feeding my family as well. My husband has already lost 12 lbs in 8 days. (MEN! It is seriously so unfair.)


FEBRUARY & AUGUST: Exercise & Being Active

This one is thing that I use to be religious about! I grew up playing Volleyball and other sports non-stop. I was pretty much a girl "Jock". But in the last 5 years I have probably worked out a total of 30 days combined and played volleyball about 20 times. PATHETIC! I look at my muscles (or really just saggy skin) and just think, "YEW!".  So, here is to toning up, the good endorphins that come from exercise and being more active with my family.


MARCH & SEPTEMBER: Prayer & Meditation
I have neglected my relationship with my Heavenly Father a little more than I would like to admit the last 4 years. Which is sad because raising kids I have to rely on my Heavenly Father for alot of help and council regarding them. So this month I am not only going to get into a habit of praying every morning and night, but also start up my yoga again. I love yoga for that reason alone. Time for meditation. I have a pretty ADD personality and I rarely just sit and think. (Which causes problems sometimes.) So yoga is one thing I want to get into the habit of doing regularly along with establishing a pattern of prayer.


 APRIL & OCTOBER: "Super" Mom & Wife

I know you might be thinking that this is not necessarily about me but I beg to differ. This is a HUGE part of who I am now and I think we have to work at being Mom's and wives just as much as we do with eating healthy and other habits. For some, the mothering and wifeing ability comes a little more naturally. You know, the women that were seriously just born "super" moms & they never argue with their husbands. (Which I think is complete crud by the way.) I am not saying I will ever be that, but I would love to get there someday. So this month, I am going to try not to yell, play with my kids more, put down the computer and talk with my husband more, and just focus on being an overall good Mom and Wife.


MAY & NOVEMBER: Study & Journaling

 This month I am going to focus on my intellectual side. After college textbooks I was so turned off of reading anything that was not a magazine for years! Or writing for that matter. But I love reading now. Fantasy, romance, science fiction, adventure, Non-fiction. Really anything. My sister-in-laws got me started a few months ago and I have not stopped since. I especially want to focus on my scripture study and getting into the habit of writing in my journal every day. I love looking back in my journals and reading family history journals and I want my kids to have that one day.


JUNE & DECEMBER: Enhancing My Appearance

Call it vanity if you will but I am a little too comfortable in my yoga pants. It's sad when my husband leaves for school in the morning and I look the exact same way I did when he gets home that evening. Or the fact that whenever I do dress up my 3 year old son says, (while obvisouly knowing something is different) "Mom. You look pretty!". Super sweet but kinda a sucker punch to the gut. 
FACT: Women feel better when they look better. 
This is something that I have to explain to my husband all the time and he still has a hard time understanding it. Whenever I wake up, shower, do my hair and make-up, and put on pants that are NOT days ALWAYS go better. I feel better about myself, I am more motivated, and I am kinder to those around me. So this month I am focusing on my outward appearance and getting into the habit of getting dressed for the day, EVERYDAY.


So, there they are. 
I am very hopeful and excited about working on my goals this year. If you are interested in doing it with me let me know and I will send you a monthly tracker that I made up to check off each day of the month.

Cheers to 2014!

(Images found on Google)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Once In A While...Sam's Club Will Surprise Me

So yes it has been a while. And the only excuse I have I can sum up in one word. 
Yes, lots has happened in the last 4 months. Like, life changing decisions and what not. 
This being an adult thing is for the birds! Haha. =)

So on my little trip to Sam's Club today (since we were forced to give up the beloved Costco when we moved down here) I noticed a few pieces of furniture that took me by surprise. I am not a huge fan of 90% of the furniture Sam's has to offer but these I actually really liked and was surprised by the cost. (Excuse the poor quality photos I had a toddler pulling on my arm while taking these)

Kinda in love with this Buffet Console Table. I like the color and style a lot! Not to mention the price is under $600.00. I grew up with my father and a custom cabinet business so I am pretty picky about furniture quality and this is one that I approve of. 

$70 for two nice looking lamps!?!?! That is a steal! And I like the color of the shades that comes with it. I usually don't like the shades that come with lamp bases too much.

And last but not least, I am kinda loving this Ottoman. I can think of a few projects I have going on where I can use this kid friendly accessory and for under $90.

How do you feel about Sam's and Costco Furniture?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Blog World! It's been a while.

Oh how it feels so good to be blogging again. It was a crazy summer and we have been so busy the last 6 months that design and blogging kinda got put on the back burner due to a little thing called "LIFE". But alas...I am getting back in the swing of things and it feels good to be designer and blagging again.

We moved at the end of the summer into an apartment. Besides unpacking, organizing and purging that natutarally come with a new move, re-design happens as well. Fitting what you have into a new space and also looking for ways to freshen up brings a new excitement into the settling down process. a designer I have learned how to design a complete room in a short amount of time. But when it comes to choosing items, paint and furniture for my own existing space I take FOREVER! 
Seriously, I know I am not the only designer that has this problem but sometimes I feel so silly. So as I go through my indecisive phase I have splattered my walls with paint swatches. My husband hates it but I do it this way for a couple of reasons.

#1--It motivates us to paint walls a little faster. 

#2--I ALWAYS tell my clients to paint samples on the wall. You get a better perspective of what they will REALLY look like. I mean honestly! Those little pathetic paint swatches are almost useless.

#3--EVERY color changes in different lights. So by painting it on the wall you can see how it changes from morning, midday and evening light.

So here are the colors I have "splattered" as my husband would say. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sprucing Up For Summer Using Pillows

Summer is just around the corner. I am kinda nervous about the heat here in Texas. you would think living here all my life I would be use to 98 degree 100% humidity summers. 
No! You. Never. Get. Use. To. It!
But...decorating makes me happy and might make the summer a little more bearable.
Here are my favorite pillows that will add a little pop to your house to usher in the summer fun.

West Elm Chevron- World Market - Etsy Chevron - Overstock Red- West Elm Bird - West Elm Flower - Overstock Blue - Peir 1 - Crate & Barrel - Wisteria