Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Once In A While...Sam's Club Will Surprise Me

So yes it has been a while. And the only excuse I have I can sum up in one word. 
Yes, lots has happened in the last 4 months. Like, life changing decisions and what not. 
This being an adult thing is for the birds! Haha. =)

So on my little trip to Sam's Club today (since we were forced to give up the beloved Costco when we moved down here) I noticed a few pieces of furniture that took me by surprise. I am not a huge fan of 90% of the furniture Sam's has to offer but these I actually really liked and was surprised by the cost. (Excuse the poor quality photos I had a toddler pulling on my arm while taking these)

Kinda in love with this Buffet Console Table. I like the color and style a lot! Not to mention the price is under $600.00. I grew up with my father and a custom cabinet business so I am pretty picky about furniture quality and this is one that I approve of. 

$70 for two nice looking lamps!?!?! That is a steal! And I like the color of the shades that comes with it. I usually don't like the shades that come with lamp bases too much.

And last but not least, I am kinda loving this Ottoman. I can think of a few projects I have going on where I can use this kid friendly accessory and for under $90.

How do you feel about Sam's and Costco Furniture?

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