I can't really say that I am one of those designers that found out at a young age they were pre-destined to do interior design. However...my love for it did start while I was in high school. Growing up I always liked to organize things, and remember helping my parents remodel our house and rearrange rooms. I also grew up in Southeast Texas and grew to love the plantation homes and verandas. But in high school my Dad ended up buying a custom cabinet business and started designing cabinetry. My junior and senior year high school summers consisted of lots of volleyball, church activities and working in the cabinet shop. I really was just a grunt worker but just being around it made me love the aspect of design and the way a good design can transform a house into a home.

While attending BYU in Provo, Utah I took an Intro to Interior Design class and completely fell in love with EVERYTHING! From then on I applied to the LDS Business College Interior Design program in Salt Lake City and I can honestly say was one of the best decisions I ever made. The program taught me so much and the teachers were all such an inspiration and actually had businesses of their own. While going through the program I met my wonderful husband, Ryan, in Provo and we were married in June of 2009. I graduated in April of 2010 and in May was blessed with my beautiful son Mavrick. My little family is my first addiction with design coming in second. I absolutly love being a Mom. Its hard to juggle sometimes but him and his Dad are the best thing that have ever happen to me. Mavrick  likes to help me with my designing and by help I mean rearrange my samples and play with my tape measures and drafting tools. My husband has done construction all of his life and is currently going through school and then on to Dental School. But one thing we love to do is think of ideas and things we can build or improve upon. Its so much fun.

I started LeBaron Interiors in January of 2011 and I now live in Texas. I think that everyone should have a beautiful house to call home. No matter what the budget or income is. One thing I have noticed about well designed homes is the difference in the spirit. When interiors are organized, beautiful, and appreciated, people WANT to be in them. Kids and Spouses WANT to be home.

"If you wisely invest in beauty
 it will remain with you all the days of your life."
-Frank Lloyd Wright

Good design is an investment. My favorite part of design is being involved in making homes a better environment and being part of that is such a blessing. I love working with clients because I learn just as much as they do sometimes. I love showing clients the potential in their home and give them a fresh outlook of the possibilities. If I could sum up my style into a few words it would be...timeless, no-fuss, YOU design. Everyone has a different style and it is my job to help you harness your style and implement it into your home. I honestly have the best job in the world!