Monday, April 28, 2014

Plans For My "Laundry Closet"

So I have a super duper tiny laundry room.
I like to call it a closet.
And it turns out that I have this unhealthy loathing for laundry. Like ridiculous and more than the average housewife.
So in an effort to become better and try to pretend to like it we are going to be working on our little "laundry closet" to make it more functional and beautiful. 

This is it.
Judge away. But I know I am not the only one who has a dysfunctional/ugly laundry room. ;)

It's small but its actually set up pretty decently. Just needs a little more TLC.
It was originally this ridiculously long narrow closet and we cut it in half to make a storage room and a laundry area. So it has worked out much better so far. We just need to finish it. 

So here is the awesomeness we have planned for this week.

Obviously we are going to paint the walls. The wall color is Revere Peweter by Benjamin Moore. One of my go to Greige paint colors. It works so well in dimly lit rooms (like this one) and also in rooms with lots of natural light. 

The owners didn't mind if we painted they just wanted everything to be the same color so they didn't have a hard time figuring it out after we left for touch ups and things like that. A legitimate concern and request that I am ok with.

Below we are planing on putting a dowel rod for hanging up clothes. Right now I use our pull up bar in another room and it is really annoying.

We are also going to install a ledge/shelf that will be used to fold clothes on. 
My boys are so good at destroying folded clothes as I sit on the floor and do them.
Really, its an art and they are amazing at it.
So I am hoping this helps that situation. 

As for this area...a lot it going to happen.

OBVIOUSLY, I need to weed through and organize my linens.

 I am thinking of painting the shelving a poppy color, just to make it a little more fun.
I chose Chili Pepper by BEHR Paint. A friend has her island done in this and its awesome.

Behr Paint - Chili Pepper
I went on a trip to Budapest, Hungary this time last year and I am missing it. They  have fields and fields of poppies that naturally grow everywhere.
Its breathtaking! So I thought I would use that and bring it into the space.

On the side of the dryer I am going to clean up that area and hang some hooks for my brooms and Swiffer. There is an attic dormer there so no built in or shelf can really go there.

I need to clean up and maybe get a cute baskets to go on top of my dryer to organize our home tools and odd stuff in.

I am wanting to get a piece of art to add a little something to this area to soften it up a little bit.
I am thinking some watercolor Poppy Flowers like these that I found on Etsy.


So there it is! We are pretty excited about it. At least I am, not sure about my husband. ;)
I will keep you updated.

I also have a fun art printable that I put together and will be using in my laundry area.
I am pretty excited about it and I think you guys are really going to like it. 
So check back on my blog or Facebook page to be able to download it.

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