Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Post-It Notes: How to make your own

My name is Kayla and I have an OBSESSION with office supplies.
Seriously, since my husband and I have been married I have not had to buy a single thing and its been almost 4 years. He forbids me to buy anything else until we have made a dent into the rest of our our stockpile. But....the other day we had a breakthrough! 
We ran out of Post-It Notes! Awesome! 
This was my chance to get some more. So I went to the store and saw how ridiculously expensive they have gotten! I mean its a piece of paper with a little adhesive that doesn't even stick that well!

Reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with Post-it Notes:

Seriously, why didn't I think of that!?! Someone is making a killing off these simple and stupid little sticky notes and its not me! But kudos to them.

They are so dang expensive! They are such an amazing product and everyone has them.
But for 1 of these cubes at Wal-Mart it is around $6 - $7!  Ya RIGHT!
I love the ability to stick them anywhere but I don't always need the pad to be sticky.
Most of the time it is used for shopping lists and quick notes. AND...they don't stay sticky for very long! Nothing annoys  me more than seeing them on the floor below where I stuck them. Maybe it is worse here in Southeast Texas due to the humidity but they do not last long.


So in my quest to be frugal and keep my husband happy by saving money, I found these little beauties at the Dollar Tree! One of my favorite stores, by the way. 200 sheet note pad for $1.00.

What you need:
-Crafter's Tape (I can get them for a dollar a piece and they last forever)
-Note Pad from the Dollar Tree
-Yep, that is it. =)

Take a note off and grab your tape reel. Mine is permanent but regular strength tape would be fine for daily stuff. But I use this one if I really want it to stick and re-stick. But for paper I would use the non-permanent kind so it does not rip it.

Write your note and flip it over. Most of the time I just put a 1/2" little piece but if I really want it to last a little longer like a sign that says, "DON'T EAT SUGAR" on the fridge as a reminder, I put a strip of it along the whole top. are done. Stick them anywhere. It seriously takes me like 2 seconds to add the tape to the back. I always keep on on my desk by my note pad. My husband was so impressed and especially loved that I spent $1 instead of $8. You could also use scrap paper up and do the same thing.


Here are some fun ideas for Post-It Note Projects too.

I love this post-it note calendar. If I had wall space I would do one. =)
These are adorable and I might need to make some for the husband. =)


How to print on Post-It Notes. So cool.
I love this! It is so cute. A Post-It Note pinata!

What kind of things do you use post-it notes for?


  1. This is so cool! I'm thinking about doing something similar, but I need to get the craft glue stick. Lol. Next shopping trip for sure!