Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from Utah/Yellowstone Trip and some Etsy Love...

Sorry I have been missing again guys. I actually WENT on vacation and made sure I left as much business stuff as I could home. But I am back and in full motion. Just a little update on the last week and a half activities.

We had the chance to go see our family from Utah this past week. It was alot of fun to see everyone. 

This is what my son was doing at the airport on the way too Utah. Not sure exactly where he learned that...

Our first stop was Yellowstone. It was breath taking!I had never been before. Our ENTIRE family was able to be there which doesn't happen too often. And these to little guys got to bond...which was fun. They are about 7 months apart.

We got to see a lot of these and it was kinda scary. It was about that close to me when I was taking the picture. 

My son and husband ate a bunch of this...

Old faithful was just amazing!

Attempt at a family photo...

And this little guy got to play outside in the perfect grass and good weather. He loved it! =)
All in all it was a great trip but I am glad to be back home.

I have never been a nature kind of girl when it comes to dirt, bugs, animals, and roughing it.
But I do appreciate the beauty of it. Especially in forms like are some things I found on Etsy.



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