Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ebony Wood Floors: Need I say more?!!?

So not many people know this but my husband, but I have a LOVE for black/ebony natural wood floors. This is just one of those things in designs that I see in a room and I just give out a little "eeeek!" of excitement like a little teenage girl! (you know what I am talking about)
I have told my husband that these floors are a must in our forever house. I just love them. Luckily he likes them too. 

4 reasons why I love Ebony Wood Floors...

#1. They ground a space. 
Like Designer Nancy Marcus said a couple of weeks ago on Tip Tuesday...white helps to give relief to a room while black helps ground it. Could not agree more! 

#2. It is so timeless!
I don't think I will EVER get tired of this floor not to mention these elegant timeless rooms they are used in. I am all about that!

#3. They are softer on your feet! (all wood floors not just ebony ones) if you have ever walked on tile for a long time and then walked on wood floors for a long time you can definitely tell the difference. Plus you can get reclaimed barn-wood floors then stain them whatever color you want and they become very economical.

#4. It is my style!
Not sure if you have been able to pinpoint my style yet. I am not sure I even have...but I know I love classical elements and timeless items. I consider this one of them and I love love love how you can have black wood floors that is kinda contemporary and modern and then still have a classic interior. The best of both worlds! =)

Here are a few pictures I found that I am adding to my forever house inspiration.

{via Decorpad}
Even though they have black on the floors the room is still so warm and inviting with the whites and creams and browns. I could live with everything in this room except the dog. Sorry...not on my wood floors! Haha.

{via Decorpad}
Crisp and Clean but still looks lived in. I love how they did the moulding black and the coffers in the next room! That is another thing I am obsessed with...coffered ceilings. And they did them BLACK! AHHH!!! Love it!

Myth: You can't mix brown and black! 
Fact: You can and sometimes SHOULD mix them. It brings immediate warmth when you use a lighter wood or upholstery.

{via Decorpad}
I don't even know what to say about this room except its fabulous and I probably will never have that much white in a room. Its just not in the cards for me and my kids. Haha. But if I ever have a room that I could just admire without living in it this would be this one!

{via Decorpad}
I love how the wood floors continued on the stairs but was broken up by the off white to create relief. =) Ingenious design! 


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  1. We have to take special precautions in laminating Ebony wood with other lighter woods to prevent transfer of a black film that can muddy the brightness of others.
    Ebony woods