Thursday, July 14, 2011

A first time wreck and some Etsy Love...

So yesterday was an eventful day. I went shopping and on my way back home I got in a wreck! My very first one!   {BOOOO!!!}
 It was not bad and I didn't get hit very hard at all but of course it messed up my car super bad! UGH! My son was in the back seat asleep and it didn't even wake him up. Haha. =) 

So as I was sitting there I tried to get a few things done like...come up with a blog post, pay bills on my phone, make phone calls, and clean out my car while trying to keep my mind off the insurance rate that is going to go up! Haha...

I found all these car prints on Etsy. I think these would be so fun for a little boy's room or Nursery. 




  1. I am so sorry! I feel terrible about your wreck. sadness. I'm glad you are both safe. I REALLY appreciate your help with our design. SO sorry again about the accident. I feel a little responsible since you were out helping me!

  2. Hi there. I just discovered your lovely blog. Thanks for featuring my Mini Cooper print. So sorry to read about your accident, though I'm glad no one was hurt! I'm currently moving into and decorating my new studio -I'll have to come back here to check out all of the great inspiration images. Thanks again!