Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Client Mini Spa

Recently I had a client come to me and help her design a little mini spa. I had so much fun with this project for some reason...the blues and greens and soothingness of everything. 

Considerations for this space:
-It is a very small room-about 10x10
-Needed lots of storage and counter space but we only had one wall to do it on. So the cabinetry had to be custom. 
-She wanted the area to be light, airy and comfortable.
-She also needed a display area for her products that she will be selling.
-Not to mention some rolling carts, a bed, and a sitting area. 

That is a lot to put into a little room. But I think we pulled it off. =)

We went with the fun glass tile backsplash and white cabinetry to keep the space light and a little more contemporary.

 I also found this leaning shelf which is perfect for the space. It is easy to move and doesn't stick out as far as a regular bookshelf. 

My very favorite item for the room though are the botanical prints I found on etsy. LOVE THEM! They are perfect for the space.

I am pretty sure I would be super relaxed in this little mini spa! 


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