Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY Inexpensive Wall Art

So today I will be doing my very first tutorial! Haha. I did this a while back but just got around to completing it. I hope you like it. Cause I love them! 

Anyone who comes into my little boys room always comments on how cute they are but what they don't know is how EASY it was! My mom actually gave me the idea so the real credit goes to her. =) We rent a house while my husband is in school still. Its really a cute little farm house with like 5 acres but I can't really do anything too permanent to walls. So I thought this was a good idea.

Ok....So here it goes.

-Old Frame (mine is 14x18)
-Matt Board or Foam Core
-Print Outs of desired art
-Mod Podge
-Paint Brush
-Hot Glue Gun
-Scrap Fabric (16x20 piece)

So you are going to cut out your foam core board to the size of your frame.
Iron fabric and lay board on top.

Next, you are going to wrap you fabric around the board and hot glue. Kinda like wrapping a present. Make sure it is smooth and tight on the showing side. You don't want wrinkles.
Then, grab your desired art that you printed out and crinkle it up in a ball. Yes...crinkle it. =) It adds some texture when you mod podge it.

Then you are going to cut another piece of foam core that is 91/2" x 12". Then put a ton of mod podge on it. Coat it pretty good with your brush.

After that immediately un crinkle and smooth out picture and place it in the center of the foam core. Use your fingers to get out bubbles but you want the crinkles. least I did. And then mod podge over that.

Last...let dry and then hot glue that piece into the center of the big 14x16 pice that you covered with your fabric.

Then you end up with a beautiful art piece that makes a statement. All for FREE!!!

More to come on my little boys room...its a work in progress. Haha.=)

I will be linking up here today!

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