Thursday, April 7, 2011

Color Your Life Series: Yellow

Also known as banana, cream, sunflower, chartreuse, chiffon, gold, goldenrod, khaki, lemon,  and saffron...yellow is always referred to as the "HAPPY & CHEERFUL" color.

Meanings of Yellow:

Yellow is known to stimulate mental activity...which is why things like taxi cabs, and stop signs are this color. And a little fun fact for you...studies have shown that babies cry more in "yellow" rooms because in any interior when overusing the color yellow it can create a disturbing affect & aggression. might want to keep your teenage boys room free of yellow. =)

Here are some yellow lovelies.

Etsy Pillow


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  1. This is a fun post Kayla! I didn't know that about yellow but I'll make sure not to paint our future babies room yellow! lol