Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Problem & Solution

I get asked a lot of questions and sometimes I like to answer them so everyone can benefit.

"Okay so if you remember my house, that big half circle window in my living/family room? The afternoon sun always messes us up when we want to watch TV. My husband wants something there to block the sun. I want something pretty because the window itself is so pretty, I don't want to mess it up. Help!?! :)"

Homeowners with odd shaped windows run into this problem all the time. My solution to this would be window film. Its pretty inexpensive and does not compromise the integrity of the beautiful architectural element/window in your home. Its easy to put on and easier to take off which means it won't be permanent and is interchangeable. 

It comes in so many styles and designs and cuts down on sun glare but still allows a light to shine through throughout the day.Some even are Energy Star rated!  All of the ones below can be found at Home Depot and are under $24 dollars a roll! You can't beat that! Drapery would cost way more and it would completely HIDE your beautiful window.

Kimberly over @ Nellies Cottage actually used this one on her windows recently.

Rice Paper Style

Love this Mosaic Cut Glass

 Also there are a ton of good websites you can go to to find one that you like with less pattern or more pattern and less color or more color. There are a TON! Some websites can even pre-cut them for you if you give them the measurements which is really awesome and worth it. 
Here are some of the websites I like:

Remember though...you want one that is somewhat opaque, which allows small amounts of light through it to take away glare and sun rays. Hope that helps. 


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