Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Once In A While...Sam's Club Will Surprise Me

So yes it has been a while. And the only excuse I have I can sum up in one word. 
Yes, lots has happened in the last 4 months. Like, life changing decisions and what not. 
This being an adult thing is for the birds! Haha. =)

So on my little trip to Sam's Club today (since we were forced to give up the beloved Costco when we moved down here) I noticed a few pieces of furniture that took me by surprise. I am not a huge fan of 90% of the furniture Sam's has to offer but these I actually really liked and was surprised by the cost. (Excuse the poor quality photos I had a toddler pulling on my arm while taking these)

Kinda in love with this Buffet Console Table. I like the color and style a lot! Not to mention the price is under $600.00. I grew up with my father and a custom cabinet business so I am pretty picky about furniture quality and this is one that I approve of. 

$70 for two nice looking lamps!?!?! That is a steal! And I like the color of the shades that comes with it. I usually don't like the shades that come with lamp bases too much.

And last but not least, I am kinda loving this Ottoman. I can think of a few projects I have going on where I can use this kid friendly accessory and for under $90.

How do you feel about Sam's and Costco Furniture?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello Blog World! It's been a while.

Oh how it feels so good to be blogging again. It was a crazy summer and we have been so busy the last 6 months that design and blogging kinda got put on the back burner due to a little thing called "LIFE". But alas...I am getting back in the swing of things and it feels good to be designer and blagging again.

We moved at the end of the summer into an apartment. Besides unpacking, organizing and purging that natutarally come with a new move, re-design happens as well. Fitting what you have into a new space and also looking for ways to freshen up brings a new excitement into the settling down process.

Now...as a designer I have learned how to design a complete room in a short amount of time. But when it comes to choosing items, paint and furniture for my own existing space I take FOREVER! 
Seriously, I know I am not the only designer that has this problem but sometimes I feel so silly. So as I go through my indecisive phase I have splattered my walls with paint swatches. My husband hates it but I do it this way for a couple of reasons.

#1--It motivates us to paint walls a little faster. 

#2--I ALWAYS tell my clients to paint samples on the wall. You get a better perspective of what they will REALLY look like. I mean honestly! Those little pathetic paint swatches are almost useless.

#3--EVERY color changes in different lights. So by painting it on the wall you can see how it changes from morning, midday and evening light.

So here are the colors I have "splattered" as my husband would say.