Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers & My First Feature

I was featured on Tidy Mom for my Formula Vases from last week! I know it doesn't seem like a huge deal but to is a very big deal! You can check it out here. I love her blog.

I cannot believe it is APRIL! Seriously, where have the last 3 months gone? We are welcoming in the month with some beautiful rain down here in Texas. I have always LOVED the rain. It is probably my favorite weather, not so much for getting stuff done but, its wonderful. I am pretty non-stop and rain just soothes me I think. Hopefully I am not the only "A" personality who feels this way. But here are some of my favorite little April Showers products from around the web.

April Print - Dress - Raindrop Garland - Cloud Print - Necklace - Girl and Rain Print

Also, tomorrow evening I will be co-hosting "Wow Me Wednesday" with my friend Ginger from Gingersnaps Crafts for her 2 year blog anniversary. So if you have any fun projects you have been wanting to show off make sure you come back tomorrow evening and link up with me and Ginger!


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  1. Kayla hi! Thanks for dropping by Stardust earlier. Hope we stay in touch!