Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Adventure to Shangri La Gardens

My boys and I recently had a fun little day trip to Shangri La
Its a botanical garden and nature center that is located here in Southeast Texas. 
I never knew it exsisted and I am kind of upset that I did not know about it sooner. It is absolutely amazing for kids and adults.
Image from Shangri La Website. Visit Here.
The entrance was beautiful as we walked up. So refreshing from the usual harsh cement that leads up to most places. We walked down this path through the woods where squirrels and birds were everywhere. We spent a good 15 min just on this path because Mav was wanting to stop and look at everything. He is his Father's child.
My boys had such a blast. Mavrick loves nature and animals so this was right up his ally. Carter was good as usual but he enjoys being outside as well. They had fish and snake tanks there, a gazebo that was on the water, and even a virtual boat that you could steer like you were on the water.
And then my son decided that he wanted to spice things up a little and jump in the water during the 5 seconds that my back was turned! LUCKILY, the water only went to his waste and was shallow but he did have to walk around wet. The nice garden keepers gave us a towel and nicely told us to come to the front after so they could file a report. Perfect! So I figured we did pretty good if that was the only thing that happened in the hour we were there.
 I love the way they designed the gardens and set up of the whole park. The little details were the best. Like the paved brick walkways everywhere, mini orchards, metal cafe chairs in the courtyard and water cans that recyled the rain water into their water system throughout the park. So neat!
And these trees were my favorite. So creative.
It was just so beautiful and peaceful. There is something about being in nature that just rejuvenates the soul. I felt like taking out my yoga mat and doing yoga right in the middle of the park but unfortunately my kids were with me and people were around.
If you live in the area and haven't been I highly recommend it.

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