Thursday, February 7, 2013


There are not many other things that excite me in design more than a well designed kitchen. And my favorite ones to look at seem to be all white. There is something about this timeless look that is both modern and tradtitional in their design that makes them age with beauty. Maybe that is why throughout design history white kitchens have constantly been used in homes. 

Some say this style is boring but I am here to convince you otherwise of how fabulous ALL WHITE KITCHENS can be and why I love them. Don't let me fool you into thinking that I don't LOVE color kitchens as well, I just think white kitchens don't get enough credit. My favorite thing about them is that you can bring in the functional accessories that will add some color by keeping the pallete white.

Look how open and airy this rustic kitchen is.

via Lonny

Subtle subway tiles, and big windows let the white soak up the beautiful light.

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The sea grass blinds and bay window seat make this white kitchen very inviting and warm.

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Bringing color in with the island but keeping the rest classic and bright.

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I love this modern white kitchen.

Simple, classic black and white kitchen.

Ok....I love love love how they did everything white and then added the color with the metal cafe chairs and barstools. So fun! Who said all white kitchens could not be playful?!


I am just in love with the lights in this kitchen cabinetry and the design of the cabinet doors. Again...all white but LOTS of character.

via House and Home
The ALL white Traditional kitchen to a T! Look at those coffers and the moldings! BEAUTIFUL!

I love the use of the stainless steel to that makes this look like "icing" in the kitchen. Its so simple yet so pleasing to the eye.

Big windows and lots of architectural detail make this kitchen perfect.

 So, what do you think? Do you like the all white look?
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  1. I LOVE white kitchens... maybe i'll have one someday when i don't have cute kiddos writing with sharpie/markers and painting all over my house :)