Monday, May 21, 2012

Back in Business, Baby Announcement, and Inspiring Interior of the Week!

Hello Strangers! 
I am happy to say that I am back in the blogging, consulting, and designing business. With running the store, my little boy, laundry, event planning and being pregnant I was swamped.
But the good news is a couple weeks ago we found out...

We are so excited to have another little boy join our family. My mind is turning with names, organization for my home, scheduling and a new room for our boys. My son Mavrick needs a big boy bed and room but he will be sharing with our new little one so I want to keep it friendly for both. I will keep updating you on the project as we go.

Now on to the....

This is where I will tell you why I love the interior whether it be another bloggers design, or out of a magazine.

{Southern Living}

Why I love it?

  1. Sisal Area Rug---these are not used enough. They are so kid friendly and add an instant warmth and nature feel to any room.
  2. Green Country Panel Door---I love the soft green panels on the door. 
  3. Drapery---Not only do I love the vibrant use of textiles in this room but I love the fact they hung them HIGHER than the actual frame. Very important.
  4. Neutral Furniture Pieces---Choosing the neutral bases for big ticket items such as the floor, the sofa and the lamps allows you to play and change up the accessories and fabric at your leisure for a whole different look.
  5. Cowhide Area Rug---You don't have to be redneck or have a cabin to use a cowhide rug in your room. Here they have made it look very sophisticated and the colors blend so well with the rest of the interior.

 What do you love or not love about this room?
I love hearing your comments. =)

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