Friday, February 17, 2012

Demo Cabinets for the Showroom

So we have been busy over here at Source 1. We are in the process of installing some small demo cabinets into the showroom. We wanted two different more traditional and then another that was more contemporary.We plan on doing a couple FULL kitchen scenarios but this was just for the time being and small little cabinet areas that we could do on a smaller budget and time frame.

This is the mood board I put together for the first set of cabinetry. As you can see some of the details have changed and some still remain but all in all we are making progress on them. My favorite detail is going to be the beautiful Green Onyx backsplash we are going to be installing.

This is what we have so far. We are planning on putting another shelf up but having issues with the corbals being sent over. They sent us the wrong ones and it has been a nightmare. Haha.

Thick hickory natural hickory wood top is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. Its such a pretty piece of wood with beautiful graining.

Celtic Weave Style Corbals. I wanted this to be crisp and antiquing which gives it a little bit more modern edge to the whole design.

I love the soft curves these posts have on them.

Mitered Panel Door Fronts (these come in so many different style and names)

This cabinetry was hard to convince but now everyone likes it the best. Southeast Texas is not a contemporary market....YET! Design styles usually filter here after a few years of being in the west and east so at first my colleagues thought that it was WAY to MODERN! Haha. =) But we are all loving it and it is coming together very nicely.
We have not gotten to putting up the trim yet but that and the inset door style are my favorite parts of this design. We have our Silestone Countertop being fabricated for it right now! EEK! So excited.
 Super simple and classic lines on these Mitered Shaker Doors. Love it. =)

 I will be updating the progress as we finish these and other projects around the store


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