Monday, May 30, 2011

If I had a Lake House...

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

We are headed to the Lake today. We do it every year on Memorial Day, when it opens, and Labor Day, when it closes. 

I was dreaming about having a Lake house with my husband and of course started to dream up in my mind some fun elements I would have in it. 
So I came up with a few little elements that I would love to have in MY lake house.

Some of my favorite parts of this board are below. One Day...One Day. Haha.

I love this Sea Urchin Accent. Its suppose to hang and is actually a pretty big art piece.


 When I think of a Lake House, I think of Nautical Stripes...but this is a little more subtle than the bright blues and reds.

Old world type clock would also be a must have.

I have an unhealthy passion for any kind of Greek Fret...I try to use it everywhere I can. Its modern and Classic all tied into one. Its has to be one of my favorite motifs EVER.

Love this Diamond Jute Rug! Bringing in the natural element.

  Hope everyone is enjoying their day. What are you doing for Memorial Day?

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