Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Designer Tip Tuesday: Michelle-Ten June

Hi friends! I'm Michelle from Ten June. And I'm really excited to be here with all of you today on Kayla's blog sharing a design tip for Tip Tuesday. There is so much beautiful design inspiration out there in the world, so it's hard to narrow down my tip to just one! But I think I'll have to go with my all-time favorite design advice...
use color!!
There is nothing more fun then a bright pop of color to liven up a room. 

See how much life and style these rooms have because they are filled with beautiful colors? It's especially easy to bring in some color with accessories that you can mix and match around. 
Even if you aren't so inclined to surround yourself with bright colors, the same tip can be applied to even a neutral room- one pop of color will liven up the room.
So that's my two design cents... live it up with color!
Thanks so much for having me, Kayla!

Thanks Michelle for the great design advice!
 Be sure to check out her blog over at Ten June.

Monday, May 30, 2011

If I had a Lake House...

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

We are headed to the Lake today. We do it every year on Memorial Day, when it opens, and Labor Day, when it closes. 

I was dreaming about having a Lake house with my husband and of course started to dream up in my mind some fun elements I would have in it. 
So I came up with a few little elements that I would love to have in MY lake house.

Some of my favorite parts of this board are below. One Day...One Day. Haha.

I love this Sea Urchin Accent. Its suppose to hang and is actually a pretty big art piece.


 When I think of a Lake House, I think of Nautical Stripes...but this is a little more subtle than the bright blues and reds.

Old world type clock would also be a must have.

I have an unhealthy passion for any kind of Greek Fret...I try to use it everywhere I can. Its modern and Classic all tied into one. Its has to be one of my favorite motifs EVER.

Love this Diamond Jute Rug! Bringing in the natural element.

  Hope everyone is enjoying their day. What are you doing for Memorial Day?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Design Done Right

Ok...usually I don't like to use up my Design Done Right days for magazines. BUT...I absolutely fell in love with the kitchen that Dee Dee Taylor Eustace designed in the latest issue of Traditional Home. 

It makes me weak at the knees looking at it. And if y'all can't tell...kitchens are my little weakness in design! They are my favorite room in a house to design I would have to say. Anyway...here are the wonderful photos...

WOW! I would take that kitchen any day! And I would change absolutely nothing!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Designer Tip Tuesday: The Designer Pages-Carol

Today's Tip comes from Carol who designs and blogs over at The Design Pages. She lives in beautiful Canada and is constantly doing DIY projects. Some of her furniture pieces she has re-done are just amazing. So on to her tip...


Thanks so much to Kayla for inviting me to be part of this great series.  

Use Wallpaper to Liven up a Room

For so many years we shied away from wallpaper in our homes.  Lately it's made a huge resurgence on the design scene.  It's a great way to add drama even if you chose not to wallpaper a whole room.   A little bit goes a long way.  Try wallpapering only one wall and carry the colours throughout the room.



Use wallpaper in a tiny powder room. It looks glamorous and you completely forget about the size of the room.



If bright and bold is too much of a risk you can take a safer route and go with a nature inspired theme.

Modern wallpaper: Silver green trees wallpaper from Blonder Home

Even the kids can get in on the action with this design trend.  There's plenty of kid-friendly designs for kids of all ages.


So what do you think?  Are you a fan of wallpaper?  

Thanks for having me Kayla!

Make sure you visit Carol's Blog, The Design Pages...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful Hydrangeas

So all of my hydrangeas are in full bloom! They are my very favorite flower and part of my entire yard. I would show you a picture but my camera has been on loan for a couple days. But I will get you guys some later.

Anyway...has anyone else noticed the beautiful hydrangeas they use in almost EVERY interior?! I love it!!! It seems like every time I look at a room in a magazine there they are in all their beautiful and timeless glory. Haha. I am a little obsessed with them. So here are a few interiors that I found that had them...plus being a GREAT design. 

I think that the blue in this room is so fabulous. I think blue is underused in homes. Especially dark blue. It adds an elegance to any room it touches.
{Via Lonny}

Green Hydrangeas and blue accents.
{Via Lonny}

 I am pretty much in love with this little breakfast nook. Blue hydrangeas mixed with greens and natural lighting make it a perfect little eating area.
{Via Lonny}

 You don't see white Hydrangeas too often but I also like the area rug. 
{Traditional Home}

Etsy Love
I found all these Hydrangea items on Etsy. Go check them out. =)



Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Design Done Right": Featuring-Modern Jane

Its almost Friday again! YAHOO! Which means that its time for another "Design Done Right".
Today I will be showing off the home of Jane who blogs over at Modern Jane. She has such a beautiful house and a good eye for design. Below are pictures of her home. 

Thanks again Jane for sharing your beautiful home.