Monday, April 11, 2011

Taking the inside...out!

Outdoor living spaces are showing up everywhere. Pavilions, patios, verandas, pergolas, and cabanas. People are starting to move the indoors out and create spaces where they can entertain. We recently re-did my parents back yard for my sisters wedding.
{Am I the only sister with a YOUNGER sister prettier than her?!}
I had a lot of fun decorating and helping her get ready.

So here is a list of improvements we did all in 3 weeks!
-Built a Pergola
-Painted everything!
-Plants in pots
-Sod on the ground
-Stained doors
-Ripped up walk way

It was a HUGE project! I can't believe we got most of what we wanted to done. Because so much construction was going on the ground and landscaping did not look up to par. So we had to resort to potted plants...but they turned out really good.

This is the before...they were getting ready to lay concrete. I supervised. =)
Notice the ugly tin wall in the background and the fence that is old and needs to be painted. {please excuse the hideous work clothes that I am wearing}

AFTER! Isn't that so much better. It does a pretty good job of hiding the ugly work shops in the back. WE also wanted it to look like part of the house too so we went with all brown.

My husband Ryan built this. He does little odd jobs on the side like this while he is going through school. He is really good at it. But this one he did for in-laws and they love it!

Remember that ugly beige tin wall? Well....this is DEFINITELY an improvement. We didn't have time to stucco it so we kept with the brown and it made it look SOOO much better.

Construction Process

I am not a landscape designer but I thought it turned out pretty good. And the important thing is the "clients" {my parents} LOVE it!

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