Sunday, April 10, 2011

The search for armless chairs...

 I Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was full of working in the yard, and finishing up some projects around the house. I will be showing you what I have been working on later. I am kinda excited.

But I am in the process of finishing the finishing touches on my living room and I am looking around for slipper chairs...which are basically armless accent chairs.
While I was looking around I found these that I love! They don't necessarily go with my living room but are so beautiful. I LOVE slipper chairs. I put them in any interior I can. Haha.

I am drooling over this Quatrefoil Slipper Chair! I might NEED it.=)

Poly Dove Armless Chair

Lola Chair

Pier1 Josette Chair

Pier1 Audra Slipper Chair

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Popi Chair!


Also...some giveaways are still going on and you still have a chance to win. Click on the link to read more.

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