Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laundry: The Never Ending Battle!

So yesterday was somewhat of a productive day I guess. But really I never feel that productive after doing a ton of laundry because no matter how much I get done...there is going to be some to do tomorrow. It might be my least favorite household job! One day I will have kid slaves to do it for me but until then I am stuck doing....THIS!

So I decided that as I was doing it I would dream up my dream laundry room to make things a little more interesting. I figure...maybe I won't HATE it so much if I had a nice big area to do it in.

I found these wonderful ideas on Better Homes & Gardens website.

I absolutely love the color and storage in this one. Who says laundry rooms have to be neutral?

I kinda like the idea of hiding your machines behind doors. Especially if you don't have top of the line machines. It also keeps down on noise.

This one just has my name all over it!

Mosaic art, behind doors, AND storage! Can it get any better?

I really like this fresh design. I wouldn't mind the washer and dryer either!

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