Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Designer Tip Tuesday (Nurseries) & A Giveaway

On Tuesdays, from here on out, I will be having a "Designer Tip Tuesday." I receive a lot of questions about A LOT of different aspects of design so this is a way for me to educate. 

Today I will be featuring Nurseries!
Here are three design tips to help you get jump started on your little ones area. 

#1-Make it cozy.

I know that modern is in but sometimes it can be a bit harsh and uninviting especially in a baby room. So  a couple things you can do it make it a bit more cozy for you and the little on it by adding soft to the touch fabrics, rugs and comfortable furniture. Look for fabrics that are fuzzy and warm like chenille and minky. While looking for an area rug...make sure it is a good quality one. The perfect rug can turn a good room into a GREAT room. And when picking out rockers for your little one...think outside of hard wooden rocker. Comfy gliders and rockers can be found at a very affordable price and as much time as mothers spend in them it is worth a little more money.

{Glider Rocker}
{Area Rug}

#2-Make it adaptable.

Babies grow sooooo fast and if we changed their room with each birthday it would be expensive and a bit ridiculous. So when choosing a theme or design for your nursery look for ways to make it adaptable and livable for them 3 years down the road. For instance, get bedding that has stripes or dots that can grow with them. By adding different accessories you will be able to update the room to your child's preference. Buy a 4-in-one crib that they can use for a few years. Look into a changing table that can serve as a dresser in the future.

{Changing Table/Dresser}

#3-Make it functional.

Baby rooms should be all about function. Create little areas in the room for certain purposes. Such as a reading area, changing area, and playing area. By separting these areas it will not only balance out the functionality of your nursery but also help keep it a bit more organized as well. If you are limited on space...look for multi use items. Instead of having a big book shelf on the floor...tack it up on the wall.

{Floating Shelves}

Now....on to the Giveaway!!!

Have y'all been over to Corner House
She is doing and "All About Baby" month and has some great ideas and tutorials for all kinds of baby stuff! This week she is featuring Nursery Ideas and guess who will be doing a giveaway? LeBaron Interiors! Head on over to see how you could win a Nursery Design!

Nursery E-Designs

{Retro Garden Nursery}

{Animal Blues Nursery}

{Modern Magnolia Nursery}

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