Monday, January 21, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things {Valentine's Day Pillows}

So I am in Valentine's Day decorating mode around here. I live in a super tiny house so I can't do as much Holiday decorating as I would like to but I can always change out my pillows. I am working on some pillows for my house right now but in the mean time I love looking at the ones they have around the web. These are a few of my favorites...
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9
Which one's do you like?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Easy Dinosaur Valentine's

Anyone who knows my family or our son knows that he is OBSESSED with Dinosaurs! I mean, 24/7 playing and talking about them. I didn't know that 2 year olds could get hooked on stuff like that but I guess they can. Haha. =) So for Valentine's Day Mavrick ges to bring some to his little day school this year. I think I am more excited about it than he is. I didn't want to send him with just candy or baked goods. I am sure he will get plenty of that from his peers. So I remembered that at the Dollar Tree they have these packs of mini dinosaurs that he LOVES to play with. 8 come in a pack for $1. PERFECT! So I got three packs and a pack of candy all for $4.

It was so easy! I made up a quick little Valentine on my computer, printed and cut them out, stuffed them with two dinosaurs each and a piece of candy, and then stapled the little bag to the print out. DONE! And only cost me $4 for 12 Homemade Valentine's.


I love how simple they were to make and I think him and his friends are really going to like the toy Dinos they are getting. If anyone wants the printout for some Valentine's just message me and I will email you the file.

I love Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things {Printable Planners}

So...confession of the day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE planners. Not sure if it stemmed from my OCD-ness or growing up having a Mom who always had one and planned out everyday. They keep me sain and focused and much more productive. I have picked out a few of my favorite printable ones for this year. There are some free ones and a couple that are still pretty inexpensive. I have been working on one for me. I will have to show you in a couple of days but enjoy these untill then.
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

Which one is your favorite?