Monday, November 5, 2012

Give Thanks for Interior Design - Vases

Since its Thanksgiving and we are all in the "Thankful For..." mood I have decided to start a little blog tradition/series. I love this time of year and I dare say that it is my favorite. I really am so grateful for Interior Design and I know that might sound a little sappy but I love the joy it brings me and the creative outlet it is.

So this series is going to focus on Quotes about Design, Interiors, and Products that I am grateful for and love. Hopefully you will notice some things that spark your interest and realize how important good design is and how it affects our every day lives. So if you want to follow along grab the button down below & keep up with the series up until Thanksgiving Day.

Today I want to give thanks to Vases! You see them in almost every room. They come in so many styles, shapes, textures, colors, materials and sizes that almost no two are alike. I love the way that they can bring a little added form, history and shape into a room even without it holding flowers. I use them a ton when styling and decorating a room. I have put together some of my favorite vases that are unique in texture, form, and color.
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{ 5  -  6  -  7  -  8 }

{ 9  -  10  -  11  -  12 }

Below are some room views of different ways to use vases & different styles.
(You can click on the picture and it will take you to the source)

Oversized & Clear

Added Color & Knick Knacks on the Coffee table

Rustic Gardening Can

Added Height

Modern & Rustic on Mantel
Centerpiece Full of Color

Metallic & Streamlined

Bright & Cheery on top of Neutrals

Simple, White & Functional

What do you like to do with Vases?

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