Monday, September 19, 2011

White Ceramic Owls: Who knew!?

Ok...has anyone else noticed that ceramic white owls are EVERYWHERE!?!?! Rugs, umbrella stands, lamps, wallpaper, salt and pepper shakers or any other home accessory. 
I find myself liking them without knowing why? Is it because they are cute and vintage looking? 

Well I did my research and came up with an answer as to WHY the fashion and design industry has taken to this whimsical creature. The owl has some seriously beautiful versatility. They can be serious, whimsical, cute or scary. I mean...what other animal can do that? 

Here is a little history on the owl that I found in an article.

"Owls date back 60 million years and appear in the lore and mythology of almost every culture on earth. They can symbolize wisdom, protection, mysticism, secrets, death and birth. In ancient Greece, the owl was associated with Athena, goddess of wisdom, and it was believed owls could see in the dark because they possessed an inner light. Native Americans saw owls as secret keepers and weather predictors. With such a complexity of symbolism, it is no wonder owls have inspired artists throughout time."

I am not an animal lover but I can handle them in a ceramic white form of almost any kind. Here are some that I found in various places.

And here is my owl that I found at a garage sale for $1! 
I gave him a little fresh spray of white paint and....VWALLA! My own little white ceramic owl. I actually LOVE him. Haha. =)  I have intentions for him to be in my bedroom but I think I will leave him out here until Halloween is over.

So what is your vote? Do you like ceramic white owls or not?


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