Friday, July 29, 2011

French Style Chairs

So one thing you might not know about me is that I have the HUGE (I mean BIG) love of classical chairs. Why do you ask? Because they are timeless and work so well with almost ANYTHING. I love mixing old with new and elegant with edgy. And my all time favorites are the French Style Bergère and Fauteuil. 

A little lesson on the difference...

A Bergère ("the shepherdess chair") has an enclosed upholstered armrest and usually has a deeper wider seat than a Fauteuil. 

A Fauteuil is almost the same chair but usually has an upholstered back, seat and arms with the arm area open and exposed.

So now that I have taught you the difference in the two chairs here are a few of my favorites. I need them in my forever house one day. =)  If you ever want to add instant elegance and status to a room throw one of these in there.



All of these chairs can be found on my Pinterest account if you want to follow me. =)

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