Monday, July 18, 2011

Designer Tip Tuesday: Devani from Savvy Classic

I am so excited about todays "Designer Tip". Devani is amazing and I actually met her in design school where she taught my class on Historic Architecture and Design. This girl knows her stuff! Here is her tip for us today...


Hello friends-I'm Devanie Roberts from Savvy Classic and I'm honored that Kayla has invited me to bring you today's Designer Tip Tuesday!

When I talk to people that aren't designers they often say things to me like "I wish I was more creative" or "Where can I begin? I'm overwhelmed with how much I want to do but I have a small budget." My tip to anyone who has asks these questions is to start small. What's a more perfect place than your closet? Who doesn't want to feel like a glamour goddess every time you're deciding what to wear? I know I'd be excited to wake up every morning and open the doors to my own little Chic Boutique!

image: decor pad

This walk-in wonderland is sophisticated and whimsical in one little package. The black and white feature wall makes a bold statement without overwhelming the space. I love the 3/4 height hook-mounted chair rail for a place to hang accessories and maybe even to plan your next day's outfit. The vintage suitcases add an extra pop of pattern and color and of course a beautiful storage solution (perhaps a place to store out-of-season clothing). And while it may not be the case, the chandelier still announces to you, "check out your designer wardrobe, girl!"

image: pinterest

If you're not yet blessed with walk-in real estate, try something like this cheery double-door space. You'll feel like Marie-Antoinette, minus the awkward attendants watching you get dressed! This solution is simple- you could do what is shown here by using a large print wallpaper throughout, or make it a little easier on yourself and paint the inside walls and only wallpaper the door panels. You could even put some photos of cute outfits you've found in magazines as inspiration. Go crazy- you're the goddess here!

If you just so happen to be one of the people who has extra storage and doesn't need every closet in your house for clothes, why not open up your room by creating a home office niche? My wise and beautiful Mother turned hers into a sewing space- it's her own divine domain! So take my advice and find a small space where you can express yourself in a big way!


Thanks so much for taking the time to give us a little tip, Devani! Make sure you check out her blog. It is a good one to follow. =)


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