Friday, April 1, 2011

Design Done Right: Staircase Makeover

I am so excited about the "Design Done Right" this week! 
This will happen about once or more a week where I will be showing off an interiors or tutorials that I think are just beautiful and consider GOOD design. 

 This weeks design comes from Kate and she blogs over at Centsational Girl! I love her blog. She has so many DIY design ideas and is constantly surprising me with her tutorials. 

Before and After! GORGEOUS!!!

They are now a WOW factor in this house for sure!

She experimented on pieces of wood. ALWAYS stain a sample before you go directly to the source!
Then she stripped everything off.

Then sanded everything down.
Then she started staining with an old sock EVERY OTHER step and then back down.

Let it dry.
Couple coats of this stuff and polyurethane.

And now she has a beautiful staircase to be proud of!

This is definitely Design Done Right! WOW!!!

You can visit her blog here and view the tutorial she has here.

Also...only a few more days until the drawing for a free design of a Nursery/Kid Room by LeBaron Interiors.
Visit Corner House to see details and sign up!

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  1. Hi Kayla! I'm just so flattered you'd include me in a feature! Tickled pink actually. More like blushing. Well . . .I do love pink! Thanks again for all the love, wishing you a beautiful spring weekend!