Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winner of the E-Design Giveaway & Serene Glamour

And the winner of the E-Design giveaway goes to...

Jennifer Warner Wright!

Congrats Jennifer!
{To learn more about what an E-design is click on my services page.}

Serene Glamour

So as I was looking through my January Issue of Veranda ( has taken me this long to finally sit down and look through it) I noticed a gorgeous interior that I am just drooling over...The Jennifer Lopez Residence in California and it is BEAUTIFUL! Here is a look at the interior.

How beautiful is this?!

Love the elegant drapes and side chairs!

Love the coffered white ceilings!


Every home needs a slipper chair.

Not really sure if it is wall paper or stenciling but its beautiful either way.

Love the marble, love the light blue cabinets, love everything!

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