Monday, March 7, 2011

Designer Spring Cleaning Tips

Its almost here! That time of the year where we feel that everything needs to be cleaned, purged, burned, re-done, re-modeled and re-organized. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year but it is a necessary evil in my home. Its amazing how much JUNK we accumulate over time and our house could end up looking like a hoarders if it weren't for spring cleaning. Clutter can be overwhelming and self destructive. So keep in mind...a place for everything and everything in its place. the spirit of Spring cleaning I thought I would give y'all (Yes. I am from Texas! Get use to the Y'all.)  some tips on how make your home not only organized but look a little more put together as well.

#1. Touch ups go along way!

 Touch up your walls and furniture with a little paint! Over a year a lot of wear and tear happens to them and a fresh coat of paint might be just what you need to freshen up that area without spending a lot of money. So go look in your garage and find that can of left over paint and get to work!

#2. Think outside the plastic bins!

There is no rule in design that says you have to store household items in ugly Rubbermaid or Sterilite containers. They are fine for a garage but for the same amount of money you can get better looking storage for your home. There are so many options besides plastic that are just as durable and functional. Think baskets, decorative boxes, vintage jars, planters and ottomans with built in storage. One of my favorite storage items is baskets. I like look at them as investments. No matter how many times you move they can be updated with a little spray paint to coordinate with any space.

#3. Give something old a new update!

Everyone has those great long lists of "someday" updates that they would do to items in the home. Take the initiative to re-do something you already have. Update the fixtures on your chandelier, re-upolster that beautiful wing chair, re-finish your grandmother's rocking chair. Change is necessary and helps lift the spirits, even in design. Little things like a new coat of spray paint can be done to a room to give it a fresh update.

#4. Pay attention to what is beneath you!

One thing that I try to explain to my clients is that flooring makes a statement. And if your carpet says "Yes. I am a mother of a toddler" like mine, then maybe its time to get it cleaned. And if its beyond help think about getting an area rug. Don't go for cheap go for quality. You get what you pay for and area rugs are definitely investments. If you get a good one you will have it for years and years. So ask yourself...will this area rug stand the test of time?

#5. Think Double Duty!

Design is about form and function and learning to get the most bang for your buck. Think of beautiful things in your home that can serve 2 or more purposes. Or even when you are about to bring something home ask yourself, "will this serve only one purpose?" That is a rule that might keep clutter away from your home and your wallet a little more full. One idea is to use beautiful dinner or serving plates to decorate with. Display them on shelves and cabinets. Use them for parties. And if you are renting and unable to paint, hang a few on the wall to add color to your space.

Now....Enjoy your SPRING CLEANING!!!

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  1. Ok, I don't know why but I can't see any of the pictures that you post... Is it just me?!?! we still need to see you guys! I could use some tips for our house in the upcoming months ahead..