Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's Talk Succulents!

So spring is here which means flowers. For a "non-green thumb" person like myself I have to look for plants and flowers that are very resilient. Like SUCCULENTS!

I just received this crate of beauties in the mail for a wedding I am doing in a couple of weeks. I will be honest, I was nervous about ordering them off Amazon here but they turned out beautiful! I have so far kept them alive. They are my favorite thing right now.

They are ridiculously resilient plants and here are some ways to use them.


Because they don't require much water they are perfect for displays like this that hang vertical. They are so chic and modern but still has that classical edge that the succulents give it.

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Like I said I am using these in a wedding and I am so excited. They are a great way to get those cool tones into an arrangement because they are known for their beautiful blue, green and purples array of colors.

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Rosettes are my favorite and they look classy and adorable in mini pots to send home with your friends. Guests love getting things like this and there are so many ways to dress them up and make them look adorable.

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Probably my favorite way to use these is when styling a bookshelf especially in a simple tiny vase on top of some books. It adds just a little freshness that homes sometimes lack. Most of the time if you think something it missing on your bookshelf or vignette, 9 out of 10 times its a plant or floral.

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 Below is also a little thing I found that tells you how to care for succulents. I have been following it the last few weeks to keep mine alive and it has worked out great so far.
SOURCE (I couldn't find the origional source for this so if you know please pass it along so I can appropriately link this resource)

  You can find these pretty much at any garden store and even Walmart had some last time I went there. So pick some up when you start your spring sprucing and revamp of your home.