Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Five Friday

1--I am loving these shoes. I picked them up this week from PAYLESS!? Sometimes...they do have cute stuff and these are so comfortable. Did you know they will send you coupons if you sign up foe their email list and text messaging? AWESOME!
2--In the spirit of Easter, I found this printable from Hailey. She has some of the cutest printables.
Decorating Through Dental School
3--These baskets would be so cute in a mudroom or kids room. I came across this little beauty at Target! Nate Berkus is so good!

Nate Berkus Multi-Colored Basket | Target
4--I love this white washed brick style. I think it has a timeless charm about it. Not sure exactly what it is called but every time I see it I just say white washed.
Boxwood Clippings via House Beautiful

5--And last but not least...this kitchen! I don't even know where to begin. Really, there are no words. Its just beautiful. I want. I covet. I need. 

Mary McDonald Home Tour

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Formula Can Easter Vase

Its about that time in my life again where I have a ridiculous amount of formula cans lying around. I nurse my babies till about 7-8 Months (aka: when they start biting) and then do formula the rest of their first year. So I am weening Carter right now. Formula is expensive too so I am trying to find a way to use those dang cans up so I feel like I am not wasting the money I just spent. So I came up with these cute Easter centerpieces. Did I mention they cost me $0. Even better. I have a feeling I might be using them for a few things, but here is how I did it.

What you will need:
-Formula Cans
-Paint Colors of Choice (I chose
White, Metallic Pearl, and Turquoise)
 -2 or 3 different sized tape
-Paint Brush

1. Grab your cans and rinse them out.
2. Rip off the paper/plastic on the outside of the can. Be careful not to rip the roil lining off too much.
3. Pick out your paint colors that you would like to use for the base. I chose a bright white. Paint the entire can and let dry completely. Then I painted on the Metallic Pearl color and let that dry.

4. After it has dried (which it should not take long), take your different sized painters tape and wrap tape around the can where you DO NOT want stripes. I did to big stripes but different width stripes and multiple colors would look cute too.

5. Grab your color of choice and paint.

6. Let it dry 85% of the way and carefully peal off the tape.

7. It will not be perfect but I kinda like the imperfection of it all. You can easily touch it up with paint. Also, I liked how the tape kinda pealed off some of the pearl paint that I put on top of the white. It gave it a worn texture. After it is fully dry you can lightly sand parts of it but I decided not to.

8. Find you some flowers. These little beauties grow wild down here in South East Texas and I happen to have a couple of bushes in my yard. So I just clipped some off to put in my vase.

9. Bunch up your arrange flowers how you would like them. *Tip: I use tape to hold them together sometimes and then stick them in the vase.

And...your Done! Seriously it took me 20 min. I really like how they turned out.

My husband said I should make some metal looking ones. We recently just did some Zinc letters for our sons bedroom so I did the same method on a can. It is so easy and there are a TON of tutorials online but I used this one.

I loved how they turned out. Cheap, quick and easy centerpiece for a brunch or party. Next week I will show you how they end up being used at our Family Easter Party.

I have a lot in store for all the cans I have so come back for more tutorials on different uses for formula cans. Also, leave a comment on some of the different ways you re-use formula cans!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Using Animal Prints & Our Trip To The Houston Zoo

We took a trip to the zoo this past week. My husband is down on his back and so I have been trying to get out of the house with the kids a little bit more. We had so much fun but it was CRAZY packed! *Note to Self: Don't go to the Zoo during Spring Break! Other than that, it was great. My son is an animal lover...more like obsessed actually. So this was his first time and he was constantly climbing on things, yelling at everyone to look and constantly pulling me towards exhibits. 

Carter just enjoyed being outside. It was such a beautiful day.

The trip to the zoo got me thinking about how we use animals prints in design. I like to use them as accents. Like animals in the wild, you mostly see brush and then the occasional animal. They are very bold patterns and so they need to be used sparingly or they can quickly overwhelm the eye. But, when animal prints are used correctly they can add so much unexpected style to the space. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate animal prints into your space.

Elle Decor  
Elle Decor
Elle Decor
Real Simple
Nate Burkus

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Nate Burkus

 Design Crisis
 Jennifer McGee Design
Design Crisis
 Design Sponge

House Beautiful



So what do you think? Will some form of animal print find its way into your home decor? I think it might in mine but we will just see if the husband gets on board. =)

Monday, March 11, 2013

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things {St. Patrick's Day}

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Not sure why I like this holiday so much. Maybe it's because I have Irish blood in me, my reddish hair or the fact that green might be my favorite color. I say I am going to have a party every year...maybe this year I will. Here are a few of my favorite St. Patrick's Day(ish) items from around the web.

Garland - Earrings - Cards - Pillow - Scarf - Invites

Does anyone have anything fun planned for St. Patrick's Day?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Favorite Five Friday

Trim Detailed Curtains: 

I really love the details added to these drapes in this little boys room. It adds style to otherwise plain linen curtains.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts: 

I am not a hug fan of Brussel Sprouts usually but I might end up loving them in this form. I am going to have to try these out.

Tips for Hydrangeas: 

 I am so glad I found these tips from Centsational Girl. Hydrangeas are by far my favorite flowers and I actually have some bushes in front of my house. Last season they did not produce very well so I am bound and determined to give them a bit more TLC this spring.

DIY Diagonal Planked Walls: 

We all have seen the planked walls coming back in style. I am trying to wrap my head around them. Growing up with the hideous, dark 70's planked walls is still haunting me but I am liking the white planks more and more. I especially love the idea of making them go diagonal on the wall like this!

Living Room from Style At Home: 

I think this may be one of the most gorgeous livingrooms I have ever seen! What I love about it: The windows, the grey backed fireplace, the beautiful architectural details, and just the serenity of the whole room. Yes, I could live there and be very very happy. =)

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