Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspiring Room of the Week

Happy Saturday everyone! 
This weekend is going to be busy busy busy. I have some fun little projects up my sleeve that I will hope to show you next week. But here is an inspirational image for you. Bathrooms have been on my mind lately.

Isn't she a beauty!?!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Color Inspiration: Design Seeds

So the way I usually start a design is by picking an inspiration piece to base the room around. Such as fabric, a vase, a photograph...really anything. 

So today I wanted to show you this talented girls website, Design Seeds that gives you an endless choice of color palettes already done for you. The reason I love her work is because she does the same thing...she takes an inspiration and pulls colors from that to create a perfect palette. 

On the website you can search by season, color, or inspiration and find just about anything! I love it! Check out some of my favorites below.


She also gives them cool names. Isn't she a genius?! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ebony Wood Floors: Need I say more?!!?

So not many people know this but my husband, but I have a LOVE for black/ebony natural wood floors. This is just one of those things in designs that I see in a room and I just give out a little "eeeek!" of excitement like a little teenage girl! (you know what I am talking about)
I have told my husband that these floors are a must in our forever house. I just love them. Luckily he likes them too. 

4 reasons why I love Ebony Wood Floors...

#1. They ground a space. 
Like Designer Nancy Marcus said a couple of weeks ago on Tip Tuesday...white helps to give relief to a room while black helps ground it. Could not agree more! 

#2. It is so timeless!
I don't think I will EVER get tired of this floor not to mention these elegant timeless rooms they are used in. I am all about that!

#3. They are softer on your feet! (all wood floors not just ebony ones) if you have ever walked on tile for a long time and then walked on wood floors for a long time you can definitely tell the difference. Plus you can get reclaimed barn-wood floors then stain them whatever color you want and they become very economical.

#4. It is my style!
Not sure if you have been able to pinpoint my style yet. I am not sure I even have...but I know I love classical elements and timeless items. I consider this one of them and I love love love how you can have black wood floors that is kinda contemporary and modern and then still have a classic interior. The best of both worlds! =)

Here are a few pictures I found that I am adding to my forever house inspiration.

{via Decorpad}
Even though they have black on the floors the room is still so warm and inviting with the whites and creams and browns. I could live with everything in this room except the dog. Sorry...not on my wood floors! Haha.

{via Decorpad}
Crisp and Clean but still looks lived in. I love how they did the moulding black and the coffers in the next room! That is another thing I am obsessed with...coffered ceilings. And they did them BLACK! AHHH!!! Love it!

Myth: You can't mix brown and black! 
Fact: You can and sometimes SHOULD mix them. It brings immediate warmth when you use a lighter wood or upholstery.

{via Decorpad}
I don't even know what to say about this room except its fabulous and I probably will never have that much white in a room. Its just not in the cards for me and my kids. Haha. But if I ever have a room that I could just admire without living in it this would be this one!

{via Decorpad}
I love how the wood floors continued on the stairs but was broken up by the off white to create relief. =) Ingenious design! 


Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from Utah/Yellowstone Trip and some Etsy Love...

Sorry I have been missing again guys. I actually WENT on vacation and made sure I left as much business stuff as I could home. But I am back and in full motion. Just a little update on the last week and a half activities.

We had the chance to go see our family from Utah this past week. It was alot of fun to see everyone. 

This is what my son was doing at the airport on the way too Utah. Not sure exactly where he learned that...

Our first stop was Yellowstone. It was breath taking!I had never been before. Our ENTIRE family was able to be there which doesn't happen too often. And these to little guys got to bond...which was fun. They are about 7 months apart.

We got to see a lot of these and it was kinda scary. It was about that close to me when I was taking the picture. 

My son and husband ate a bunch of this...

Old faithful was just amazing!

Attempt at a family photo...

And this little guy got to play outside in the perfect grass and good weather. He loved it! =)
All in all it was a great trip but I am glad to be back home.

I have never been a nature kind of girl when it comes to dirt, bugs, animals, and roughing it.
But I do appreciate the beauty of it. Especially in forms like are some things I found on Etsy.



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Using wall paper in small scales

Todays Tip comes from me. I have been thinking about wall paper alot lately. Now...I know most of us have an unhealthy hatred and have been wronged by wall paper in the past. But it has come such a long way in the last few years. There are so many designs and colors and textures that you can get from wallpaper that you cannot get from paint. 

So my tip to you is to use it in small scales if you are afraid of wall paper. 

Back some shelves or book cases

By backing a shelf with wall paper it gives the room a little unexpected punch or pattern and color.

Frame it out

I love to suggest framing out wall paper. It is a good way to create an art piece. Some wall paper is just too busy to do a WHOLE room in. So this is a good way to create interest in a small scale.

Now go find something to wall paper!

{All images can be found on Pinterest}

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pinterest Fabulous Five: Beautiful Breakfast Nook

Happy Saturday everyone! I have never been a breakfast eater...mainly because I am not a huge fan of breakfast foods. But lately....I have totally been into Breakfast Nooks and here are a few of my favorite that I have found on Pinterest.

Maybe I will become a breakfast eater just so I can justify one of these. =)

If you would like you can follow me on Pinterest here!



Monday, August 1, 2011

New Adore Home Magazine Issue: Dark and Classy

Its a new week! I am so excited I have a lot of things going on this week but it is going to be good. =) I am trying to get a ton of design stuff done and look through inspirational magazines and to gather inspiration for some kitchen and bath remodels I will be working on soon. So here is my favorite publication from the newest issue of Adore Online Magazine. 

I love black but sometimes it can be too much in kitchens. However they did a great job of marrying contemporary yet classy with the moldings and black tile backsplash. The light walls and floors and an abundant amount of natural light is what makes this kitchen work with black cabinetry. Love it!!!